Sunday, July 9, 2023

Freshable Brings Spanish Cuisine to Your Home With La Tomatina Meal Kits

The innovative ready-to-cook meal kit delivery service,
Is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Olivia Deli,
A Southern European deli and restaurant,
In celebration of the world-famous festival,
La Tomatina.
This partnership aims to deliver a gastronomic experience like no other,
Combining Freshable's commitment to fresh ingredients
And Olivia Deli's culinary expertise in regional cuisine.

La Tomatina,
The collaboration centres around Freshable's meal kits,
which feature different cuisines each month -
from 6 July to 31 August,
the company shines a spotlight
on their La Tomatina and Spanish-inspired meal kits.
Olivia Deli,
known for its innovative culinary creations and commitment
to authentic Southern European flavours,
offered its expertise in cooking a collection of recipes
by Freshable that pay homage to Spain's rich traditions.
held annually in the town of Buñol, Spain,
is a festival renowned for its vibrant atmosphere
and tomato-throwing extravaganza.
Freshable and Olivia Deli are joining forces
to capture the spirit of this festival
by launching limited-edition meal kits
that bring the essence of La Tomatina straight to your kitchen.

“Our collaboration with Olivia Deli is an exciting opportunity

to offer our customers a unique culinary experience.

We wanted to introduce Spanish-inspired meals to Malaysians

as cooking Spanish cuisine at home might be new to some,

while authentic Spanish flavours and meals are hard to come by.


we aim to transport food lovers to the heart of La Tomatina

and infuse their kitchens with the vibrant spirit of this iconic festival,”

said Adeline Tang, Co-Founder and CEO of Freshable.

Freshable’s meal kits provide pre-portioned,

high-quality and fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes

that are delivered to your doorstep. Between now and August,

customers can look forward to Spanish-inspired meal kits

that range from tangy tomato salads bursting with Mediterranean flavours

to hearty seafood paellas that warm the soul.

Freshable’s meal kits will invite customers

to savour the taste and aromas reminiscent of La Tomatina's lively festivities.

“We're thrilled to partner with Freshable in this collaboration.

Our shared passion for culinary excellence and dedication

to using the freshest ingredients have come together beautifully

to create these remarkable La Tomatina-inspired meal kits,”

mentioned Chef Joao Mole of Olivia Deli.

The La Tomatina meal kits will be available.

for a limited time for the month of July and August this year,

allowing food enthusiasts and festival enthusiasts alike

to immerse themselves in the joy of this cultural celebration.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity

to experience the vibrant spirit of La Tomatina

from the comfort of your own home.

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please visit their website at

as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages.