Friday, December 22, 2023

A Rocking Start to Arthur’s Storehouse’s Second Outlet!

The launch of the second Arthur’s Storehouse outlet at Pavilion Bukit Jalil featured a surprise performance from the world’s leading Bono tribute artist (lead singer from rock band U2), Pavel Sfera, who serenaded the crowd with a medley of hits from the iconic rock band. Inspired by the famous Dublin Storehouse, the eatery recreates the experience for stout lovers in Malaysia, with live music adding merriment to the whole ambiance.

Attendees at the launch event were rocking out with the rock icon doppelganger who sang hit songs from the Irish rock band which included “With or Without You”, “One” and “Desire”. A spitting image of U2 lead singer Bono, Pavel delivered an electrifying performance dressed as the Irish superstar with his trademark sunglasses. 
In attendance was Chargé d’affaires a.i., Embassy of Ireland to Malaysia, Frank Bradley who said, “I would like to commend Arthur’s Storehouse and Heineken Malaysia for conceptualising and bringing the Guinness experience to us. I realise of course Dublin is 11,000kms away.. so we are incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful opportunity in Malaysia to witness the launch of an Arthur Storehouse location that serves as a window into one of our most celebrated brands.”

"Today is the first anniversary of an exclusive partnership between HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad and Arthur’s Storehouse. This time last year, the first Arthur’s Storehouse outlet at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur was launched with tremendous success. The Arthur’s Storehouse concept is to provide Malaysian consumers with an immersive experience into the rich heritage of the Guinness brand. Consumers will also have the opportunity to pour the perfect Guinness draughts while savouring their pints of Guinness in a relaxing ambience with live music and plenty of Guinness-infused cuisine," said Roland Bala, Managing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad.

The eatery gives patrons an avenue to truly appreciate the iconic smooth and creamy stout in a unique way that includes a menu comprising exclusive Guinness-infused dishes that further enhances the overall experience. From dishes such as BBQ Hot Wings Glazed with Homemade Guinness Sauce to Guinness Braised Lamb Shank, fans will have an array of delectable dishes to choose from that pair perfectly with the stout itself or the variety of Guinness-infused cocktails that are available.

Fans can also look forward to learning about the precision of Guinness’ roasting process that gives the stout its distinctive taste and ruby-red hue at 232°C. Special rates are available for those who want to master the art of pouring the perfect glass themselves with the guidance from experts which includes taking home a customised glass with their name engraved on it. 

Arthur’s Storehouse is the culmination of a synergistic partnership with HEINEKEN Malaysia with the aim of strengthening the bond between Guinness and its local fans. The eatery also serves as a touchpoint for Malaysians to learn more about the heritage of the Guinness brand, making for a unique destination to indulge in both rich history and stout. 

“While the concept emulates that of the Dublin Storehouse, it is unique to Malaysian stout lovers who get to enjoy their favourite dishes infused with Guinness too, on top of all the activities we have in store for them. We are thrilled to bring these kinds of exclusive experiences to Malaysians in partnership with HEINEKEN Malaysia,” said George Ang, Director of Arthur’s Storehouse.

For more information about Arthur’s Storehouse, visit For more information about HEINEKEN Malaysia, head over to HEINEKEN Malaysia advocates responsible consumption and urges consumers to not drink and drive. All of its related promotions and activities are strictly for non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.


Monday, August 28, 2023

Carlsberg Smooth Draught Fires-Up the Senses with the Return of ‘Real Spicy, Real Smooth’

Building on its success of captivating the taste buds of avid foodies
last year, 
Carlsberg Smooth Draught's Real Spicy, Real Smooth 
returns to the fore with an even more 
enticing and thrilling food and beer escapade. 
As a brand that takes pride in delivering memorable exBEERiences, 
the Real Spicy Real Smooth campaign promises 
a new take on the unique gastronomic expedition, 
crafted to evoke a harmonious union 
between fiery delicacies complemented by 
the smoothness of Carlsberg Smooth Draught.
Brewed using an innovative cold hopping technique,
Carlsberg Smooth Draught delivers 
a signature easy finish along with 
the smooth sensation of freshly tapped beer. 
The brand celebrates consumer’s love affair 
with local spicy food with a more inclusive and extensive activation
at JioSpace, Petaling Jaya from 18th August to 2nd September, 
open to all beer lovers.

Consumers will be treated to a fresh cold Carlsberg Smooth Draught 
as a special welcome drink 
before embarking on a journey of discovery and culinary delight. 
Homegrown culinary maestro, Monster Chef founder KC Choong, 
will also offer delectable edibles ranging from Devil’s Curry Pocket Buns, 
Nasi Lemak Bomb, Mala Sui Yoke and “Stinky” Popiah to turn up the heat.
 There is also Churn’s Beer-Gato, 
an artisanal affogato drowned in a duvet of smooth beer,
alongside Bean Jr’s three-level explosive Mala Tau Fu Fa, 
all perfect pairings with Carlsberg Smooth Draught.

“Last year, Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s 
Real Spicy, Real Smooth has delivered a VIP exBEERience 
to 200 lucky winners, 
in collaboration with a Penangite Michelin-starred Chef. 
This year, C
Smooth Draught is back with an even larger 
& “smoother” celebration of beer and local spicy flavours
with an enhanced and curated experience 
that celebrates the perfect blend 
between spice and smoothness. 
The Real Spicy, Real Smooth campaign is all about 
making flavourful food and smooth beer accessible to all.” 
commented Stefano Clini, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

An exclusive cocktail workshop with Jason Julian, 
the mastermind behind all the top-notch flavours of Soma's Bar’s concoctions 
adds further flair to the Real Spicy, Real Smooth event 
where consumers can try their hand at creating 
their own signature concoctions over the weekend. 
The party picks up pace
when the clock strikes happy hour, 
featuring a ‘Tap Your Own Beer’ bar,
 a sip and snap photo booth
that creates unique Insta-worthy photos 
as well as fun AR games that land winners exclusive prizes.

The evening pumps up even more once the DJs 
take over the decks with special scheduled performances 
by Inquisitive, 
Singapore’s most influential DJ and producer, 
local mavens Ramsey Westwood, DJ Kenji and many more.

Carlsberg Smooth Draught has also lined-up cool collaborations 
with APOM, the quirky label that produces ‘punny’ 
yet aesthetically pleasing t-shirts and trinkets along with Gumme, 
the makers of customised phone charms for its passionate followers. 
Consumers can purchase not just exclusive merchandise, 
but also join the speciality workshops, 
conducted by Gumme every Saturday, 
throughout the campaign duration or try their hand 
at customising their very own tote bags.

Beer enthusiasts, spice lovers, 
and all those seeking an unforgettable experience
will not want to miss this instalment of 
Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s Real Spicy, Real Smooth, 
which open its doors daily from 5:00pm to 11:00pm on weekdays 
and 11:00am to 11:00pm on weekends as well as on public holidays. 
Pet parents will also be be able to bring their furry friends 
along to Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s pet-friendly pawty 
happening on the weekends, from 11:00am to 2:00pm. 
Filled with pawsome activities, animal lovers 
and their four-legged companions will be in for a purring, 
tail wagging good time.

To register for the Real Spicy, Real Smooth event, 
visit for more information 
and be sure to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ 
@CarlsbergMY on Facebook and Instagram 
for Carlsberg’s latest activities and giveaways.

Consumers who cannot get enough of Real Spicy, Real Smooth 
can also pick-up an exclusive Spicy Discovery kit anytime 
they purchase two six-can packs of Carlsberg Smooth Draught 
from Super and Hypermarkets, 99 Speedmart 
and official e-commerce sites
 or when they enjoy six big bottles at coffee shops and food courts. 
Spending a minimum of RM100 on Carlsberg Smooth Draught 
at restaurants, bars and pubs also lands them 
the flavourful assortment. 
More details can be found at

Of course, 
as part of living a safe and responsible life, 
we advocate responsible consumption,
always remember if you drink, don’t drive – #CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Fire up your weekend with Guinness

The Guinness Flavour By Fire Festival at Sentul Depot

is the place to be this weekend! As you step onto the festival grounds,

your senses will be ignited with tantalising aromas,

mouth-watering cuisine, and vibrant sights and sounds.

This is far from your average festival –

it’s a blazing revelry that combines

the tantalising fusion of Guinness-infused flame-cooked creations,

igniting unforgettable memories and sending your taste buds

on a journey beyond the ordinary. 

Welcoming thousands of excited fans and foodies alike,
Guinness Flavour By Fire kicks off here this evening and runs
till Sunday, 20th August. With a line-up of 11 dynamic culinary partners,
over 20 open-flame grills, and an impressive 27 taps
flowing smooth and creamy Guinness Draught,
prepare to be immersed in a culinary experience
that will leave an indelible mark on your senses. 

The air is thick with the smoky scent
of fire-grilled sizzling meats and savoury spices,
captivating your senses and will make taste buds dance with anticipation. S
o, gather your friends for an extraordinary journey
through the magic of fire and Guinness's rich, distinctive flavour,
which itself is derived from fire-roasting its barleys
at precisely 232 degrees Celsius.
Authentically Guinness, the festival provides the perfect setting
for cheerful camaraderie amid culinary temptations
that promise an extraordinary taste experience.

“We are delighted to receive an incredible response to our unique festival,

which takes the taste experience beyond the ordinary.

Guinness has a rich, distinctive flavour

that is a favourite among chefs and drinkers alike,

and when combined with the transformative power of fire,

it creates a truly unforgettable culinary experience.

Guinness is always looking for new and exciting ways

to bring our brand values of power, goodness,

and communion to life in an engaging and immersive way.

Our festival is the perfect occasion for people to come together

for an authentic Guinness experience

and create unforgettable memories,”

said Shaun Lim, Marketing Manager -

Wheat Beer, Stout & Diageo Brands at HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad.


Food is prepared by renowned masters in the art of grill cooking namely,

Chef Franky of Arthur's Storehouse,

rock & roll chefs Johnny and Sherson of Kitchen Mafia,

culinary innovator Chef Navin Karu of Big Boyz Barbecue,

foodie favourites like Yat Sing Smokehouse, KAO BBQ,

and Tipsy Boar. Undisclosed Location,

Shucked Oysters & Seafood Bar, TNR by Sean & Angie,

Bacon It and Caketella will also feature their unique Guinness infusion

offerings at the festival.

Come and discover a mouth-watering selection of flame-cooked,
Guinness-infused dishes - from lamb ribs to grilled salmon,
artisanal burgers, and irresistible Guinness-infused desserts,
that will make your taste buds dance with delight.
Also impressive is the range of vegetarian and dessert options
to bring a complete offering to the festival
with something extraordinary for everyone.

Adding to the excitement,
festivalgoers will be entertained by a line-up of favourite local artists,
each day featuring five live acts.
On the festival's opening day today,
crowd is entertained by a$ix, Lost Spaces, Resort,
Talitha, and Darren Ashley,
all delivering nothing short of perfection on stage.
The weekend line-up includes Samantha Diana,
Masia One, K-town Clan featuring Jerryca Misty & DJ Yauzzy,
Saint Kylo, STREETCODE, Skies Are Red,
Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men,
Blister and 9 Lives Band featuring Joy Victor & Muzza!
The famous Guinness STOUTie machine is another hot attraction.
Left and right, people line up to get their selfies
printed onto the creamy head of their Guinness
– a cool way to capture happy moments. 
And not to forget the Guinness Long Bar Challenge
– a signature attraction that all Guinness fans look out for.
Friends cheer each other on as they try to precisely slide
a bottle of Guinness down the bar.
The winner even gets exclusive Guinness merchandise!
The next food haven to experience Guinness Flavour by Fire Festival
will be Penang on the 2nd and 3rd of September at Fort Cornwallis.

"Our culinary team comprising some of Penang's much-loved chefs,

is eager to present a range of Guinness-infused foods.

It's the perfect opportunity to gather with friends and loved ones

and enjoy some quality Guinness time," said Lim.

Stay tuned to Guinness Malaysia’s socials for announcements
on the chef line-up and entertainment for the upcoming festival
at Fort Cornwallis, Penang on the 2nd and 3rd of September.
For more information about the Guinness Flavour By Fire festival
visit .
Stay updated on all things Guinness Malaysia
by following their social media channels
and .
Enjoy responsibly and to never drink and drive.
Guinness Flavour By Fire is strictly for non-Muslims aged 21 and above.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Freshable Brings Spanish Cuisine to Your Home With La Tomatina Meal Kits

The innovative ready-to-cook meal kit delivery service,
Is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Olivia Deli,
A Southern European deli and restaurant,
In celebration of the world-famous festival,
La Tomatina.
This partnership aims to deliver a gastronomic experience like no other,
Combining Freshable's commitment to fresh ingredients
And Olivia Deli's culinary expertise in regional cuisine.

La Tomatina,
The collaboration centres around Freshable's meal kits,
which feature different cuisines each month -
from 6 July to 31 August,
the company shines a spotlight
on their La Tomatina and Spanish-inspired meal kits.
Olivia Deli,
known for its innovative culinary creations and commitment
to authentic Southern European flavours,
offered its expertise in cooking a collection of recipes
by Freshable that pay homage to Spain's rich traditions.
held annually in the town of Buñol, Spain,
is a festival renowned for its vibrant atmosphere
and tomato-throwing extravaganza.
Freshable and Olivia Deli are joining forces
to capture the spirit of this festival
by launching limited-edition meal kits
that bring the essence of La Tomatina straight to your kitchen.

“Our collaboration with Olivia Deli is an exciting opportunity

to offer our customers a unique culinary experience.

We wanted to introduce Spanish-inspired meals to Malaysians

as cooking Spanish cuisine at home might be new to some,

while authentic Spanish flavours and meals are hard to come by.


we aim to transport food lovers to the heart of La Tomatina

and infuse their kitchens with the vibrant spirit of this iconic festival,”

said Adeline Tang, Co-Founder and CEO of Freshable.

Freshable’s meal kits provide pre-portioned,

high-quality and fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes

that are delivered to your doorstep. Between now and August,

customers can look forward to Spanish-inspired meal kits

that range from tangy tomato salads bursting with Mediterranean flavours

to hearty seafood paellas that warm the soul.

Freshable’s meal kits will invite customers

to savour the taste and aromas reminiscent of La Tomatina's lively festivities.

“We're thrilled to partner with Freshable in this collaboration.

Our shared passion for culinary excellence and dedication

to using the freshest ingredients have come together beautifully

to create these remarkable La Tomatina-inspired meal kits,”

mentioned Chef Joao Mole of Olivia Deli.

The La Tomatina meal kits will be available.

for a limited time for the month of July and August this year,

allowing food enthusiasts and festival enthusiasts alike

to immerse themselves in the joy of this cultural celebration.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity

to experience the vibrant spirit of La Tomatina

from the comfort of your own home.

For more information about Freshable,

please visit their website at

as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages.