Monday, July 22, 2013

Kids Eat For Free @ Sakae Sushi

The main reason we dine,
@Sakae Sushi, 1 Utama.....
Kids eat for free!~
Every first Sunday of the month...

Our free kids meal....
He really enjoying,
Every single moment of...
Chewing the sushi!~
After all,
He just having his very first teeth!~

Little princess still,
Fancy with this aeroplane meal,
And ordered it again.......
Since the free kids meal,
Comes with minimum order of RM30,
We need to order something else to eat, too!~

As usual,
My eldest love this fire engine meals...

Hubby likes this soft shell crab maki,
With soft shell crab, sweet beancurd,
Plus spicy mayonnaise...

This is my favourite of the day....
Spicy Salmon Cheese Maki...
With spicy Salmon mayo,
Japanese cucumber, cheese and shrimp roe...
I love this simply because it's really very cheezy!~

Friday, July 19, 2013

Subway Breakfast

I love Subway Breakfast....
Very reasonable price!!!

Step 1: Your menu choices..
Step 2: Choose your bread....

Step 3: Choose your cheese..
Step 4: Choose your fillings....

Step 5: Choose your sauce.....
There's really wide variety of choices to choose from!~

Honey mustard,
Sweet Onion,
Olive oil Blend,
Thousand Island..

My breakfast set...
With coffee!~

Ready to take away!~

Healthy breakfast,
With everything inside!~
And most importantly,
It's really yummy!!!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Penang Hill Food Court

Had a simple meal,
On top of Penang Hill...
After an exciting ride...
On Funicular Train......

The kids ate food,
From Easy Bite....

The adults bought food,
From Mee Kung Fu stall...

Fried Kuay Tiaw,
Wet style....
It tastes not bad!~

ABC aka Air Batu Campur....
+ one big vanila ice cream,
On top of the ABC!~~
Eating cold ABC on top of Penang Hill!~
Very big portion..
Great to share!~
Sharing is always caring!~

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

U Yen Vegetarian

Friend's baby's full moon dinner...
@ U Yen Vegetarian Restaurant in Puchong......
For the first time ever,
We ate vegetarian meal,
In buffet style.....

The dishes are superb!~
Really can't imagine...
Vegetarians also can have,
A wide variety of food choices!~

Especially love its creamy pasta sauce...
Super yummy!~

Tea and juice,
Refreshment of the day!~

The kids' favourite:
Ice cream..
Lots and lots of flavours to choose from!~

Red bean soup....

Assorted kuih!~

What I can say is....
Everything also taste nice!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tako Tao

Tako Tao..
One of my favourite japanese food...
Available in Jusco...

I ordered Unagi this round...
It tastes even more yummy,
When it's still hot!~~~~

Yummi House - Honey Beverages

Yummi House?
Don't they just selling different kinds of honey???

My friend,
Who's a member,
Invited us to join her.....
In this special food tasting..
From Yummi House......

The Honey Tea tastes really superb!~
I love it very much!~
I didn't ordered Honey coffee,
As I'm not really into coffee....

The honey container,
Is recycled and used...
As flower pot....
The table is nicely decorated!~

Cornflakes bread......
It doesn't looks very tempting,
But it tastes really tempting!!!!!
Fall in love with the cornflakes bread,
Right after the first bite!~

Hot dog bun,
Nicely decorated,
Into a one-eyed-creature,
With spiky hairstyle (Hot dog)...
Tastes not bad..
A glimpse of honey can be tasted in the bread...

Personally think that,
The peanut croissant,
Is over-baked.....
Too bad!~

Fried bee-hoon tastes superbly nice...
With the curry!~
Guess the curry really added the aroma,
Of the plain bee hoon...

My kids can't finish the plain bee hoon,
With the hot dog...
And I can totally understand why....
After eating the bee hoon with curry,
I really don't want to eat the plain bee hoon...

Honey fruits pudding...
I guess this is super nice!
As I don't have the chance to taste it...
Since my kids finish it off,

It'll be nicer,
If the food is presented,
Together with some honey or bee-related cutie decorations...

We really enjoy the meal!
Thanks for the food tasting invitation!~

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shills Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats....
From Shills Bright Me Love Me Product Launching...

Love the appearance of the cupcakes...
Perfectly match with the colour theme of....
Bright Me Love Me: Yellow and Purple!~

3-tier cupcakes....
Well-presented on the sweet treats table...

Look at the colourful cake rolls....

Blueberry tarts!~
Cream puffs!~

Fulfilled all my desserts-desired!~

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zebra Square

Had a great lunch,
@ Zebra Squre...
During Get Naked with Dermalogica...

Appertizer of the day....
Salads with thousand island or mayonese,
Or if you like it, both!

Smash potatos...
Really delicious....
I wish I could take more.....
It's finishing soon..

Pan Seared Fish fillet,
With Dill Cream Sauce..
The sauce is really,
Perfect combination,
With the Fish Fillet!~
Mushroom soup and sandwiches!~
With the choice of..
Egg mayo sandwiches,
Or Tune sandwiches!~

Onion Chicken,
Is the dish I love most...
Perfectly fit my taste bud!

Soya pudding....
Plus Chocolate Banana Cake...
Perfect dessert,
To end my luxury dining experience!~
:> - Chicken Rice Shop

Remember my Panda Adventure?
The Panda Adventure enable me to win,
Food vouchers from foodpanda!~
Special thanks to Shirley from Luxury Haven!!

Encounter little problem while ordering,
But foodpanda team solved it almost immediately!~
Wonderful customer service!~

We had a great Chicken Rice Shop Fiesta,
Deliver right to our door step....
Chicken Rice Party at home!
They deliver just on time....
And the food is still warm!!!

Steam chicken.....
If you dine at chicken rice shop before,
You'll know that their chicken tastes superb!~

Chicken with Soy Sauce,
Dining at home with family members,
Are still just as nice as it taste,
Thanks to!
Roasted chicken,
Added roasted aroma to the chicken!

Honey Chicken....
Tastes a little bit sweet....
Which brings the sweetness out,
From the chicken!~

Oh yeah!
They did have curry chicken, too!
And it's super yummilicious!!

Braised egg...
My son's favourite!~

Each and individual flavour of chicken,
Tastes nice,
With or without their sauce!~

They're expanding,
As I always see more choices of food,
Coming up soon..
In their newsletter....

It's great,
It's convenient,
It's yummy!~

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Spa Party - Good Friends Cafe

Attended The Spa Party,
By The Butterfly Project...
With yummy food.....
Especially prepared by Good Friends Cafe...
To suite the party theme!~

Tamarind Prawn,
In a spoon...
I love the idea of..
Serving little prawn in the spoon..
It gets very handy for us...
To taste the prawn...
While enjoying our spa!~

Seaweed Spicy Tuna,
On Cucumber Canapas....
Never expect:
Seaweed, tuna and cucumber,
Could made a perfect combination...

Fried organic tofu..
With homemade Teriyaki Sauce...
Love the decoration on the tofu..
You'll even love their teriyaki sauce,
Once you tried it!
Added superb taste,
To the tofu!

Mini Lemongrass Chicken Sliders,
With Beetroots Burger Bun...
This is the first time,
I'd ever taste a pink burger!~
With pinch of lemongrass taste!!!
So cutey!
So pinky!
So yummy!
Rasberry Macaroons....
Mini size added the cuteness,
For the pink sweet macaroons!~

Red Velvet Cupcakes....
It doesn't taste as sweet as it looks.....
Making it fabulous to eat!~~~~~~
Simply delicious!

I love all their food...
Their effort in decorating the food...
And even their ice lemon tea's container......

Five star dining experience,
With yummilicious food,
From Good Friends Cafe!
Thank you for the wonderful meal!

P/S: Special thanks to all the collaborators:
The Butterfly Project
Posh! Nail Spa
Idea Food Solution
The Body Shop Malaysia
Pink N' Proper
Only Beauty
TT Mask Malaysia
Tres Chic - The Party Planner