Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Spa Party - Good Friends Cafe

Attended The Spa Party,
By The Butterfly Project...
With yummy food.....
Especially prepared by Good Friends Cafe...
To suite the party theme!~

Tamarind Prawn,
In a spoon...
I love the idea of..
Serving little prawn in the spoon..
It gets very handy for us...
To taste the prawn...
While enjoying our spa!~

Seaweed Spicy Tuna,
On Cucumber Canapas....
Never expect:
Seaweed, tuna and cucumber,
Could made a perfect combination...

Fried organic tofu..
With homemade Teriyaki Sauce...
Love the decoration on the tofu..
You'll even love their teriyaki sauce,
Once you tried it!
Added superb taste,
To the tofu!

Mini Lemongrass Chicken Sliders,
With Beetroots Burger Bun...
This is the first time,
I'd ever taste a pink burger!~
With pinch of lemongrass taste!!!
So cutey!
So pinky!
So yummy!
Rasberry Macaroons....
Mini size added the cuteness,
For the pink sweet macaroons!~

Red Velvet Cupcakes....
It doesn't taste as sweet as it looks.....
Making it fabulous to eat!~~~~~~
Simply delicious!

I love all their food...
Their effort in decorating the food...
And even their ice lemon tea's container......

Five star dining experience,
With yummilicious food,
From Good Friends Cafe!
Thank you for the wonderful meal!

P/S: Special thanks to all the collaborators:
The Butterfly Project
Posh! Nail Spa
Idea Food Solution
The Body Shop Malaysia
Pink N' Proper
Only Beauty
TT Mask Malaysia
Tres Chic - The Party Planner

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