Monday, July 1, 2013

Foh San Dim Sum @ Ipoh

Need to Q-up and order what you want to eat,
Bring it back to your table.....

Lots of people is dining here,
But they got a lot of tables..
The area is very big:
Upstairs and downstairs.......

I love almost everything I ordered....
Everything is so yummy!!!!!
No wonder this Foh San Dim Sum is so famous,
In Ipoh...

Chee Cheong Fun is so soft,
So vibrant!!!

 Loh Mai Kai smells nice,
And tastes very nice, too!

Har Kow,
With lots of prawns inside......
Big size dim sum!
Worth worth!!!

Xiu Mai is big portion, too!

Loh Bak Gou is very delicious, too!
Mango pudding makes a nice dessert!

Oh ya! 
Almost forgot..
The porridge is super duper yummy....
MUST order!
We walloped the whole porridge,
And forgot to snap any photo....
How yummy it is! 

Personally think must dine-in here..
If you want to have a splendid dim sum meal in Ipoh!~


  1. I like the food at Foh San also. Everytime going back to my husband's hometown, sure we go to Foh San to eat. Yummy yummy yummy

  2. Ah, the must-stop-over dimsum restaurant on the way down to KL ;)

  3. Frist thing first Bananaz would order har kow when in a dimsum restaurant. Yeah heard of Foh San Dimsum very famous in Ipoh. Would usually skip the fried stuff

  4. I thought there was a news report mentioning that Foh San is owned by a politician?

  5. Is this the same Foh San that I read is owned by a (former) politician?

  6. Lots of prawns in siew mai? My kinda food! Yummy!

  7. 5 little angels, must-eat in Ipoh..

    jamiey, I also stop over on the way up to pg..

    Bananaz, very healthy eating habit, to skip the fried stuff..

    Waverly Charlotte, Frankly speaking, I have no idea who owns the restaurant.. I just know how to eat.. hahahahah~

    Shirley, yearp! Delicious!