Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zebra Square

Had a great lunch,
@ Zebra Squre...
During Get Naked with Dermalogica...

Appertizer of the day....
Salads with thousand island or mayonese,
Or if you like it, both!

Smash potatos...
Really delicious....
I wish I could take more.....
It's finishing soon..

Pan Seared Fish fillet,
With Dill Cream Sauce..
The sauce is really,
Perfect combination,
With the Fish Fillet!~
Mushroom soup and sandwiches!~
With the choice of..
Egg mayo sandwiches,
Or Tune sandwiches!~

Onion Chicken,
Is the dish I love most...
Perfectly fit my taste bud!

Soya pudding....
Plus Chocolate Banana Cake...
Perfect dessert,
To end my luxury dining experience!~

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