Monday, July 15, 2013

Yummi House - Honey Beverages

Yummi House?
Don't they just selling different kinds of honey???

My friend,
Who's a member,
Invited us to join her.....
In this special food tasting..
From Yummi House......

The Honey Tea tastes really superb!~
I love it very much!~
I didn't ordered Honey coffee,
As I'm not really into coffee....

The honey container,
Is recycled and used...
As flower pot....
The table is nicely decorated!~

Cornflakes bread......
It doesn't looks very tempting,
But it tastes really tempting!!!!!
Fall in love with the cornflakes bread,
Right after the first bite!~

Hot dog bun,
Nicely decorated,
Into a one-eyed-creature,
With spiky hairstyle (Hot dog)...
Tastes not bad..
A glimpse of honey can be tasted in the bread...

Personally think that,
The peanut croissant,
Is over-baked.....
Too bad!~

Fried bee-hoon tastes superbly nice...
With the curry!~
Guess the curry really added the aroma,
Of the plain bee hoon...

My kids can't finish the plain bee hoon,
With the hot dog...
And I can totally understand why....
After eating the bee hoon with curry,
I really don't want to eat the plain bee hoon...

Honey fruits pudding...
I guess this is super nice!
As I don't have the chance to taste it...
Since my kids finish it off,

It'll be nicer,
If the food is presented,
Together with some honey or bee-related cutie decorations...

We really enjoy the meal!
Thanks for the food tasting invitation!~


  1. That's what I thought too. Yummi House, I remember, sells only honey (or tea).