Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Foodpanda.my - Chicken Rice Shop

Remember my Panda Adventure?
The Panda Adventure enable me to win,
Food vouchers from foodpanda!~
Special thanks to Shirley from Luxury Haven!!

Encounter little problem while ordering,
But foodpanda team solved it almost immediately!~
Wonderful customer service!~

We had a great Chicken Rice Shop Fiesta,
Deliver right to our door step....
Chicken Rice Party at home!
They deliver just on time....
And the food is still warm!!!

Steam chicken.....
If you dine at chicken rice shop before,
You'll know that their chicken tastes superb!~

Chicken with Soy Sauce,
Dining at home with family members,
Are still just as nice as it taste,
Thanks to foodpanda.my!
Roasted chicken,
Added roasted aroma to the chicken!

Honey Chicken....
Tastes a little bit sweet....
Which brings the sweetness out,
From the chicken!~

Oh yeah!
They did have curry chicken, too!
And it's super yummilicious!!

Braised egg...
My son's favourite!~

Each and individual flavour of chicken,
Tastes nice,
With or without their sauce!~

They're expanding,
As I always see more choices of food,
Coming up soon..
In their newsletter....

It's great,
It's convenient,
It's yummy!~


  1. Yeah, I remember that Giveaway. The chicken dish looks really, really tasty; it's tickling my stomach.

    Glad to hear that you and your family enjoyed the meal. =D

  2. Sorry for dropping by so late! The chicken rice do look good & I'm glad you've enjoyed the meal. Thks so much for linking up :)