Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lou Wong Chicken Rice @ Ipoh

We were there for lunch,
After checking in Tune Hotel, Ipoh....
The environment is so hot!!!!!!
So many people's waiting.....
But good food worth the wait!~
The chicken is soft and delicious,
While the rice tastes very yummy

The service is so-so only...
Yet the food served very fast,
Right after we ordered it..
Since everyone's having almost the same food:
Chicken rice or hor fan!~

Super duper love the hor fun in Ipoh....
Tastes just so differently nice!!
So soft!
So yummy!

My kids love the mixed-balls,
And the enjoy chewing the ball-ball...

I don't really fancy eating ngar choi..
But when I dine here,
I will still eat it..
Since it's so famous!

The taste is acceptable,
For a ngar-choi-hater like me...
You could concluded the ngar choi is superb!


  1. Oo..this looks yummy! I'm fussy about taugeh ~ I prefer it short, plump and ..these look good.

  2. Ohhh... the chicken looks really, really good! :D

  3. I'm a fan of chicken rice& I like Ipoh hor fun too. How come your noodles got no ingredients one ah??

  4. Shirley, I ordered it plain to eat with the chicken and balls and tau geh we ordered separately.. :)