Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ah Yat Abalone @ Life Centre

 Dine @Ah Yat Abalone,
@ Life Centre......

Braised four treasure Shark's Fin Soup!~
It's always nice,
To drink soup,
Before starts the meal...

B.B.Q. Whole Pig...
Very crunchy and yummy!~

Adding RM20,
To cook the remaining pork,
Into Ginger Pork....

Stewed Whole Abalone,
With Japanese Mushroom & Vegetable..
The Abalone is superb!~~~
Really Ah Yat's speciality!~

Deep-fried Live Prawn,
In Bi-Feng Tang Style...
This is the yummiest prawn,
I'd ever ate in my entire life!
Super yummilicious!~

Steaned Sea Garoupa,
In Hong Kong Style.
The fish is fresh enough!~

Poached Fish Maw,
With two type of mushroom,
In Superior Stock..
I love the soup!
Taste simply nice!~

 Fried Rice,
With Silver Fish & Diced Chicken..
Doesn't look really tempting in the photo,
But it really taste super nice!~

Two Selected Pastries,
Red Bean Soup With Lotus Seed...
The pastries are superb!~
Finish drinking red bean soup,
Without snapping any photo..

Especially order,
Abalone Mee..
For little princess,
Since she requested...

The price ain't very cheap,
But the meal is superb!~

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  1. Not sure if my first comment went thru..... Anyway, Ah Yat is one of my fave restaurants! Love their abalones.