Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vroom-vroom Meals

Since I show very positive feedback,
When mummy decorate my meals...
By 'sapu' the plate/bowl clean clean...
Motivates mummy to 'create' more,
Nice nice meals for me...
This time,
She prepared Vroom-vroom meals for me...

Lovely car car!
Mummy knows I love vroom vroom so much!
And now,
She turns car car into my meal!
How wonderful...
After finish prepare this one,
Mummy's wondering,
Is it a bus?
Or a van?
Or maybe a big mouth's fellow with colourful eyes?

My yummy yummy vroom vroom meals...
I'm gonna eat and finish it all!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'


  1. Very creative and appetizing! 1st time dropping by and I love this blog!;)

  2. hey, i oso got this vroom vroom cutter and did a sandwich this moRning. let me post the pics another time

  3. Thanks Alic...

    Lilsmurfy, looking forward for your Vroom sandwich.. :)