Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mickey Mouse Ramen

Mummy's preparing soupy Ramen meal for me...

When I first saw my ramen soup,
I'm so surprise!!!
Me: Yor! Yoh! Mama, Mouse!!!
Me: Mama, see, Mouse!!!
Me: Mee Mee, Mouse!

I looked at mummy,
With my sweetest smile.....
Mummy said I looked so impressed,
As if mummy is a super heroin,
Who is able to make anything possible,
Even making mickey mouse as part of my food!!!

Mummy's wondering if it's called a bento...
She didn't packed my meal to anywhere...
She just added in some simple decoration to my food...

I surprised mummy,
By knowing how to spell out,
The last alphabet of mickeY mousE...

Mummy: m-i-c-k-e-
Me: Y
Mummy: m-o-u-s-
Me: E
Mummy: Wow! So, you know how to spell???

Mummy said she planned to use sea-weed as the black part,
Since it's mummy first time using the bento's tool...
She just realize that,
The mickey mouse cutter is unable to cut sea-weed...
She have to replace with another type of cutter,
Which, making the mickey mouse not so 'real' to her...
But, to me, it's just perfectly great!!!

Mummy told me it's really rewarding,
To decorate my meals...
As I finish it ALL!!!
Everything inside the bowl is now in my stomach!!!

Originated from 'Little Prince'

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