Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Choc Biscuit

This chocolate biscuit,
Is one of my favourite food recently......

I always request for choc biscuit from mummy...
And normally,
Mummy will give me one piece......

After a while,
Me: Mama, hold for Sean...
Mummy: Why? You cannot hold it yourself?
Me: Sean Sean hand dirty, how?
Mummy: (As if mummy's hand won't dirty,
After holding the chocolate biscuit)
Well, ok.....

After mummy help me to hold the biscuit,
While I take a bite on it......
I'll start licking my fingers!~

Finger's licking good's biscuits!

Since the biscuit is so yummy,
You'll be thinking,
I might want to finish it all by myself......

The truth is,
I love sharing nice things,
With everyone!~

Everytime I get my favourite biscuit from mummy,
I'll give it to everyone in the house,
One for daddy,
One for mummy,
One for wai gong,
One for wai por,
One for gu gu...
etc etc.......
Then only I'll start eating my own biscuit...

I realize one simple truth:
Nice thing will get nicer...
Yummy food will be taste more delicious...
When we share it with everyone!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

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