Friday, August 8, 2014

SeaLife Aqua Snacks

SeaLife Aquarium,
Is bigger than we expected..
And we're too hungry to walk elsewhere,
To look for places to dine for our lunch..
We had some Aqua Snacks,
As lunch of our day...

Looking at the portion,
It's not really consider as 'snack' to me...
We all had a full lunch here..

The fillet burger we ordered,
Comes together with fries and drink..
And the size is doubled up,
What we can have in Malaysia..

Fish and Chips,
And of course,

This is really what we call 'snack'...
Nuggets and french fries...

I guess we're all super duper hungry,
And we wallop everything in our tummy!~
What worth mention is,
Their sauce and mayonnaise taste really nice!~

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