Monday, February 21, 2011

3D Car

Since I love mummy's 3D bread cup so much,
Mummy understand simple bread,
Could taste more yummy,
With 3D shapes for me!~
She start cracking her head,
After I request her,
To make 3D Vroom Vroom Car for me...

Carrots as the car's front light,
My favourite cherry tomatoes as tyres,
Spaghetti stripes to connect the tyres...
Mummy used this to make my lollipops, too!~
The idea of using spaghetti stripes for bentos,
Comes from shopping mum...
And also,
Not forgetting the very main part of my car,
Made by bread bread!~

I can play it... Vroom Vroom....
I can fix and repair it... When the 'spare parts' falls apart...
And most importantly,
I can eat it! Yummy!!!!!!~~~~

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