Monday, February 21, 2011

Farm Toast

I eat plain bread,
I eat plain biscuit,
I eat cheese,
I eat butter,
I eat peanut butter,
But I don't eat butter with bread,
But I don't eat biscuit with peanut butter,
I don't eat bread with cheese filling either...

Mummy prepare toast for me...
No filling,
But the butter melted inside the bread...
It actually tastes yummy!~

With the theme of,
Old McDonald's Farm.......
A special butter egg toast!~

Since I don't like any extra thingy with bread,
Mummy didn't decorate the face details this time...
Only cut it in special shape...

Early in the morning,
I'm eating Old Mcdonald's farm house,
And his vroom-vroom's car,
Together with the miaow-miaow cat,
And also wroof-wroof doggie,
And little rabbit with long long ears,
Not forgetting,
The moo-moo cow also!~
Plus my favourite cherry tomatoes,
And greenish grape grape!~
For my healthy delicious breakfast....

The fun part is,
We can sing Old Mcdonald's farm songs,
While eating the cutie toast!!!

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