Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fortune Dim Sum @ Sri Petaling

The Gai Wo Bao,
Is suppose to be the speciality dim sum,
For Fortune Dim Sum @ Sri Petaling...

When we ordered the food,
It is served particularly, 
Not cooked and it's still cold inside...
Didn't really fancy this dish though...

Chee Cheong fun here,
Is my top favourite....
The fried onion added aroma,
To the chee cheong fun....
Plus the chilli taste really nice, too!~
Yum Yum!~
Har kow served....
Nothing so special about this dim sum.....
But it tastes not that bad though...

We wanted to order fried loh bah kou,
Minus the chilli,
But they don't really have,
Non-spicy for this dim sum...
No choice,
Only the adults are eating,
But not the kids,
As they're not really into spicy food....

 More dim sum...

They're giving us a lot of mayonese,
For fried dim sum!~
I really like to eat those,
With lots of mayonese....
Unlike some restaurant,
They really limit us on our mayonese intake.. haha~
The little leong crab is superb!~
Taste so delicious!~
Would love to have more...

One thing I don't like,
About this Fortune Dim Sum,
@ Sri Petaling,
Is their service...
The staffs looks very busy,
Even the table seated are not full...
When we request for something,
Our request was never fulfilled,
During the first request..
And we need to urge them again....
Lots of room for improvement,
For their service!~


  1. Hey, the bao is very unique indeed! Would love t try someday :)

  2. One of our regular spots for dim sum!

  3. I love dim sum, yum!

    Have you tried raising the matter up with the manager?