Monday, January 9, 2017


VDelight Vegetarian Restaurant,
Delightfully Healthy...
Located in Pavilion Elite....

I never tasted pumpkin soup..
That's so tasty before...
There's a touch of nuts inside the pumpkin...
So creamy and yummy!

Vegan braised Ramen
Inspired by special Taiwan noodle dish,
Served soaked in flavourful broth,
Filled with carrots, radish and hericium mushroom..

Hong Siew's soupy ramen!

Top favourite:
Durian Pizza,
If you're durian lover,
If you're cheese lover,
You're gonna love this...

Even non-durian lover can't resist,
But to try it!
So delicious!~

Having a meal with kids,
Always will look for and try out,
Their kiddos meal...

The portion is just nice...
Great serving for the kids..

Love the environment...
Comfy and cosy...

For more information,
Hop over to VDelight facebook,

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