Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge - Lovely NZ Secret Garden

I accepted New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge....
And starts to prepare the ingredients on what to cook....

My New Zealand's Hero Ingredients includes:
1st: Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter

2nd: Rockitapples:
The crunchiest apple I'd ever tasted!~

3rd: Pure South Lamb Loin,
By Alliance...
Farm Fresh to you!~
4th: Talley's Greenlipped Mussels...
In the half shell...

I applied some Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter,
On Tally's Greenlipped Mussels...
Added 2 pcs of red dates,
And 3 slices of ginger,
Then I steam it....
I cut Pure South Lamb Loin...
And only take the boneless part...

Marinated it with soy sauce, oyster sauce, 
Abalone sauce, five spices powder, starch powder...
For around 1/2 hour...

Put some Anchor Butter,
Into my hot pot...
And see the butter melt in the pot...

Put in the marinated lamb,
And start frying until it turns golden...

Wash and cut vegetables,
And boiled for just a little while...

Arrange the vegetables,
Into variety types of flowers...

My little princess,
Is quite satisfied with the flowery outcome..

Boiled quill egg,
And remove the shell..
Put into a mould...

Angelic rabbit,
Is carrying Rockitapple's Umbrella...

I cut the lamb into heart shape,
Cut a star shape Rockitapple (without the skin),
Put it on top of my 'Lovely Lamb Chop'
And make it the main flower in my garden...

The red Rockitapple's skin,
Became another lovely triangle-flowers,
In my Lovely NZ Secret Garden...

My little prince's idea,
To make the Greenshell Mussels,
As the wings of our special apple-bee...

The final outcome of...
Our Lovely NZ Secret Garden...


  1. oh, i didn't know anchor butter is from NZ! anyway, nice creation! i like those veggie flowers, very pretty!

  2. Wow! I love how you make food! It doesn't only look yummy, but also very pretty. Loving the veggie flowers to bits! I'm sure with that kind of food presentation, any kid would want to finish the whole plate! :D

  3. The final outcome looks really nice and I love the flower display. BEAUTIFUL!

  4. You've done great with your idea and menu! You have the talent and skills for whatever cooking challenge you're into.

  5. Wow! it look so great. I envy your ability in preparing like these. You really have a good hands. Looking forward for more of your works.

  6. The mussels look sooooo good! I envy all the cooking skills happening in this event :D

  7. You're so creative. This Chef Challenge really measured how do you prepared those ingredients provided for and be able to cook a tasty, hearty foods just like what you've done. Are you an experienced cook? Do you cook for a living?

  8. Anchor butter is so creamy and rich even I use it for cooking my kids food. You have given the beautiful ideas for cute little umbrella for little one plate.

  9. Wow, Lamb loin! I have been craving for lamb for years now, the last time I had some was back in 2010 haha. Wow, I'm now inspired to make my own Lovely Secret Garden, but with Manila ingredients. Your dish looks great!

  10. Huh?! You make this yourself! This is awesome! I love the presentation especially the flowers ~

  11. Oh wow how creative is all that food - absolutely love it, but would be disheartened to eat it all. Love cooking with butter... there is nothing better than steak cooked with butter!

  12. Nice little food art project you got there. I really like mussels with butter. That is the most exciting one I want to eat.

  13. As each food picture is shown, I was wondering what was going on... and I was surprised by the final picture how they make use of various food to create a drawing! Impressive!

  14. you've produced them very nicely I believe,thanks for this share.You're indeed a great chef I believe.

  15. you are a good chef. And that Mussels dish looks so tempting. .

  16. Wow lovely! Wish you can share with us in details on how to make those vegetables into flowers like these.

  17. it all looks lovely! love how the vegetables are like flowers. different and makes it look more appetising

  18. Wow, that's really really creative! So much work goes towards making that gorgeous platter! Your kids are so lucky to have a creative mum who puts in the heart to make lovely plates like that for them. Happy Mothers' Day.

  19. That's certainly very creative + lovely and boy, do you have tons of patience to do that. I wish I had the talent & patience to do the same.

  20. I like the Angelic face quill egg, so cute. Overall the garnishing was good.

  21. Packed mussels? Hmmm....
    I'd still want to eat fresh seafoods as we have it here in PH. But those butter and cheese are great products from NZ.

  22. Cute way of plating! I just think it's missing something; possible sauce for the lamb maybe? Anyway, great job in completing this challenge! :)

  23. This is so creative and colorful, the apple and the hard boiled egg is my favorite. I love it