Monday, May 25, 2015

Di Wei Restaurant - Empire's Dim Sum

It's been a while,
Since I last having a tea session,
With yummy dim sum....

Special thanks to:
Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Empire Hotel....
I had a great dim sum session...
In the luxury environment...

Siew Loong Pao,
Originated from Shanghai,
And made popular in Taiwan,
Siew Loong Pao is a must have,
At Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant.

Made with minced pork and spring onions,
With a touch of pork oil,
It is steamed and
Ready to gently pop in my mouth...
With a warm delicious pork flavour,
That Siew Loong Pa is famously known for..

Selling at RM.11.60 nett

Pan Fried Carrot Cake
White carrot, corn flour and dry shrimp,
Mashed, steamed, cu into squares,
And pan fried to golden brown perfection..

I like this dish,
Because it doesn't really taste oily...
And the taste is just...
No word able to describe,
Too yummy!~

Pan fried carrot cake,
Selling at RM9.30 nett

Bean Curd Roll,
3 shrimp wrapped with beancurd roll,
And deep fried to crispy perfection..

I love it,
When I dipped it into the mayonnaise,
And the crispiness of the bean curd,
Just mixed up truly perfectly,
Inside my mouth..

Bean Curd Roll,
Selling at RM11.60 nett

Deep fried salad prawn (RM9.30nett)...
Highly recommended by me!~
Salad prawns wrapped in dumpling skin,
Deep fried and topped with salad sauce..
The crispiness is simply awesome...

Deep fried sesame ball (RM9.30nett),
Deep fried glutinous rice ball,
Coated with black and white sesame.
Inside is a sweet paste,
Made from chestnut,
And gula melaka...
The description sounds sweet to you?
But it actually taste perfectly nice..

Steam shrimp dumpling with caviar (RM11.60nett),
Dumpling stuffed with shrimp,
And topped with caviar...

Let's dine like an emperor together,
And ops for another wonderful Dim Sum session,
At Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant,
Empire Hotel...


  1. White Carrot is Radish, right? I wonder why they call it White Carrot? I do not really like Radish cake. But if they call it Carrot cake, I might buy it. Hehe.

  2. I love Chines dishes much, and go for three of that Siew Loong Pao.

  3. Ugh. Your post made me want to go for a dimsum tonight! I'm a huge fan of dimsums especially deep fried prawns or hakao! :)

  4. All these - it's a gastroadventure :)
    The Siew Loong Pao would be my favorite but I would want to try the Pan Fried Carrots as well. I was going to ask if white carrot is radish or parsnips? But I think there really are white carrots.

  5. I love dim sum but only in portions. Because some times too much meat makes me really stuffed! Hope to try this restaurant one day!

  6. Dim sum is one of my favorite foods, especially the steamed dumplings. As soon as I saw the pictures in your post, my eyes lighted up.