Friday, May 16, 2014

Putrajaya Marriott - Summer Palace

Dined in Summer Palace,

Deluxe Five Happiness Combination...
Presented in Pineapple boat...
The food is a lot and huge in size...
It's really yummy, too!~

Double-boiled Chicken Soup,
With Baby Abalone and Fish Maw..
The soup taste really sweet....
With all the nutrition in the soup...
Yummy to the maximum!~

The dish I love most...
Deep-Fried 'Ming-Prawn'
With Wasabi Mayo!~
Very unique taste..
Yet it is super duper delicious!!!~
Must try!

Wonderful experience,
Dining @ Summer Palace...
The place is comfy,
The service is superb,
The food is nice!
Thumbs up!!!

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