Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Preference Cantonese Cuisine

Dining in @ My Preference Cantonese Cuisine...
I like their chinese name: 鲜入为煮。。。

Of course,
The food is very yummy, too!!!
I like this dish:
Fishie 'swimming' in the green ocean......

Yam and meat.....
This is very yummy, too!

Fried Kai Lan.....
Unique way to present the dish....

 Fried Lotus taste delicious, too!!

Not to forget,
Fried seafood.....

All the dishes are great!!!!!
Yummy yummy in our tummy!!!!


  1. Thank you for your support and i'm glad that you like all of them.
    Do you mind place a link from your post to our website please?
    Here we go:

    Thank you

  2. Charmaine, yes, very yummy!~

    鮮入為煮, done the linking!~