Thursday, December 5, 2013

Freezy Freezy

It's been raining,
For many many days....
What do you like to eat best,
During cooling weather?
Steamboat to heat you up?
Or Ice cream to make you even colder?

If you're ice cream lover,
You probably will love Freezy Freezy,
Located at 1U.....

Offering lots and lots of choices....
My little prince choosed Baby Blue....
With oceanic feel....
What I like about this shop?
Free to add any toppings you like...
Free to add as much as you can, too!~


  1. Man, ice-cream is definitely the best item to cool us all down during this melting hot weather. I love ice-cream myself, but the thing is I'm leaning towards the international brands. =/

  2. ladybird, memang meyelerakan..

    Shirley, me too!

    Waverly, I'm ok with any brands.. haha~