Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chung Tai Restaurant, Sungai Besar

Stop by Sungai Besar,
For dinner,
On the way back from Penang...

Dine in Chung Tai Restaurant..
Highly recommended...
The food is served super fast,
Although there's a lot of people dining in the restaurant...

Sorry for the blurry effect of the photo..
It's suppose to be 'lai niu har'...
The prawn really is very delicious...
Can't wait to eat until cannot snap photo properly!~

Steam fish..
Extremely fresh!~
The fish taste so sweet!

The cashew nuts,
Added aroma to the vegetables..
It is so yummy!~

If you happens to pass by Sungai Besar,
Don't miss out to dine in Chung Tai Restaurant..
Super duper duper yummy!!!

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