Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Restarant Tien Xia

If my colleague didn't tell me about this restaurant,
I wouldn't have expected, 
There's a restaurant inside the chinese temple,
Located just opposite of Jusco Cheras Selatan:
Restaurant Tien Xia...

Their signature dish:
Pumpkin Taufu..
Must order and must try!~
Very uniquely nice!~

Fried beans...
I don't really like this beans,
The way they cooked it...
The taste are acceptable for me..

Fu Yong Egg...
Our all time favourite dish!~

One of their signature dish also...
Pork leg!~
Very nicely cooked..
The aroma of the pork is superb..
Well, if you like pork a lot!~

Last but not least,
Some green green vege,
To balance out the fatty pork!~


  1. A restaurant in a temple? That is interesting.

    I like that pork leg and fu yong egg.

    Happy workers' day.