Friday, October 17, 2014

Taste MIGF - All About Food

There are so many food,
In Taste MIGF,
Unable to taste it all..

I'm going to just highlight,
Food I prefer...
Just my personal preference,
Not to say it's good or bad...

My top favourite restaurant:
Imperial Rama,
Thai and Chinese Cuisine,
Serving the best lamb kut teh!~
It's the most delicious dish
I'd tasted in TasteMIGF!~

Bird Nest with Snow Chrysanthemum Tea..
Refreshingly nourishing refreshment!!~

Stewed Superior Ginger Pumpkin Soup..
It's just what I need to keep my body warm...

Boiled soup with red dates all the time,
But never did I know,
Red date can be an ingredient for layered cake!~
Red date layered cake..

Braised Lobster with Castle Ramen...

Chilean Sea Bass with Fruit & Vegetable Salad...
The fish tastes just nice with the salad...
Perfect combination!

It's time to try some Japanese food...
I love this Okonomi Yaki!~

Nerovivo Pizza 
Smells nice,
And tastes nice, too!
I like the way the chef posing,
While making pizza!

Free flow of Beer 1664 counter..
Plus red wines, white wines,
And juices, too, if you're not into alcohol!~

A night of glamour,
A night full of food!

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