Friday, November 21, 2014

Brick Family Restaurant - The Food

After a night stay in Legoland Hotel,
We starts our morning,
With superb breakfast,

What we love about the restaurant,
Is the decoration,
Full of Lego..
And the food is yummy, too!

Healthy bread and yummy cupcakes,
Are served with lots of variety,
We just have to choose our preference..

We didn't take appetizer,
But like the chicken made of Lego,
Besides the appetizers..

The kids love the colourful cups..
And personally use the machine,
To make their own cup of hot drinks...

Different types of cereal are available...
For us to choose from..
 The herbs put in nice cups....

Actually we don't just eat pasta..
But a lot of other food as well..
There's so many food but too little time..
Just take and eat everything we like,
Without snapping any photos....

It's a great pleasure,
To dine in a restaurant full of legos!

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Brick Family Restaurant
Brick Family Restaurant - The Food

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