Monday, December 22, 2014

SCS Butter - A Collection of Pineapple Tarts

I know I know...
Christmas is not yet over...
I know I know....
Today is winter Solstice..
And I'm suppose to share about Tang Yuen....
But I really cannot resist the smell~~~~~
Of this special delivery,
To my doorstep,
By SCS Butter.....

I can really smell....
CNY is just around the corner....

Super appreciate their sincerity,
In sending over...
The yummilicious pineapple tarts...
In a very nice collection box!~~~~

It's really a surprise for me...
As now only I know...
Pineapple tarts,
Can comes in...
So many different delicious presentation...

To usher in the Year of the Ram,
Next coming Chinese New Year,
SCS takes on the ambitious task,
Of upgrading a familiar festival classic...
My taste bud started to enjoy,
By eating this yummy chocolate brownie pineapple!~

Have you ever seen a pineapple flower?
This is how presentable Pineapple flowers are....
Baked with SCS Butter....

It symbolizes,
Lots of love,
From the people whom bake it,
From the bottom of their heart....
To the people whom eat it together,
In this prosperity CNY!~

For generations,
Pineapple tarts -
This sweet and savoury bite-sized pastry,
Is a must have for family reunions,
During CNY...
And whose quality make for impassioned conversations,
Between middle-aged auties,
Wanting to perfect their own pineapples tart recipes...

Easily replicated perfection,
Simply by the procurement of the right ingredients..
Is never an indication of innovation...

SCS takes a step further,
By introducing eight newly developed pineapple tarts..
Complemented with a variety of flavours,
To enhance and update a much beloved classic..

The 8 new varietals are:-
Pineapple cream cheese,
Pecan Pineapple,
Berrylicious Pineapple,
Chocolate Brownie Pineapple,
Caramel Pineapple,
Creamy Mango,
Pineapple White Chocolate,
Oatmeal Pineapple,
Green Tea Pineapple..

What are you waiting for?
Grab your SCS Dairy products..
And start baking..
Your very unique style of pineapple tarts now!~
Need pineapple tarts' recipe from SCS?
I'll share it out soon....
Stay tune!~


About SCS
Since 1905, SCS butter has kept their formula simple and distinguishable: premium butter wrapped and stamped with a blue star logo. Indispensable to kitchens, SCS has remained Singapore’s top-selling butter brand and whose reputation for quality extends regionally. SCS is one of the brands under Auric Pacific Group Limited (APGL) in Singapore, which is an incorporated investment holding company involved in a diverse range of businesses including the distribution of fast moving consumer goods, food manufacturing, retailing, and restaurant management.
For more information, explore:
 SCS’s official website:
 SCS’s Facebook page:
 SCS’s YouTube channel:
 APGL’s corporate website:

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