Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Awana Rajawali Ramadhan Buffet

Selamat Berbuka Puasa....
At 3000 feet above sea level...

With the cooling weather in Awana...
I'd say,
This is the best Ramadhan Buffet,
I'd attended so far....

Of course,
Weather is not the only reason,
I said it's the best Ramadhan Buffet...
Let's look at what food they're offering!~

Fall in love with the softness of this roasted kambing!~
The aroma is just to tempting...
For me to eat one bite after another!~
Simply delicious!~

Raw Seafood..
Accompanied with chili sauce,
Or may choose to squeeze some lemon juicy,
On top of the seafood...
Refreshingly nice!

Assorted goreng-goreng..
Personally love their goreng pisang very much!~

Ikan Cencaru Bakar...
Quite spicy for me..
If you love spicy food..
This would be an ideal choice for you!~

Yummy yummy Kari Kepala Ikan...
The curry really makes me drooling!~

I choose to eat it without the bread..
Since there're so many food to try out...

The blue rice..

Ketam Bakar..
Spicy one, too!~

The laksa tasted so nice!~
Just cooked it when you wanna eat it!~

Variety of lok lok,
Is available for everyone to choose from..

 Mee rebus / Kuay Teow rebus...

I choose to eat my Kuay Teow rebus..
With this soup kambing!~
So yummilicious!~

 Their nasi briyani is super delicious, too!~

Besides Nasi Briyani,
We can also cook and eat prawn mee...

Not from Kajang,
But as nice as Kajang Satay!~

 Steam fish...

 Assorted ulam...

They are so caring enough...
To prepare a station,
Just for vegetarian!~
Thumbs up!~

This ayam berempah...
Tasted really nice...
I wonder what rempah is included..

Tummy is very full..
But still wanna try their dessert...
With variety of kuih-muih...

Can choose to eat the fruits,
Just like that..
Or add some sauce,
To make it as Rojak buah-buahan...

I really dine,
As if I really puasa...

RM88.00 nett for adult..
RM44.00 nett for children..
RM60.00 nett for senior citizen..

Tempted to try?
Call 03-6436 900 ext: 7605 / 7675,
For further inquiries or reservation..

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  1. OMG! Sedaaaapp!! I love Ramadhan buffets, Ramadhan bazaars and Hari Raya! They have the most variety of the best local food ever in Malaysia!! Ok I'm so hungry now!

  2. love the food there, looks good and nice weather, so enjoy

  3. woah all that food! I would eat so much until I cannot move anymore xD

  4. The food looking delicious oh!! I love Ramadhan Buffet but never really went and eat before as I am working on weekdays.


  5. Iftar Feast high up in the mountain, bet you are super hungry with the freezing temperatures

  6. Another great buffet we can join. Thanks for sharing.

  7. So much glorious food! I bet I will definitely enjoy myself there haha. With the spectacular weather as well :D

  8. What a feast! The cold would have surely made me extra hungry!

  9. Yummy food! I love buffet as there are plenty of choices,

  10. Food looks tasty and flavorful.

  11. wanna go back there again, good food, great company :D