Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sakae Sushi - Fortune Salmon Yee Sang

Fortune Salmon Yee Sang...
A tantalizing Japanese-inspired take,
On the traditional Yee Sang dish...
Masterfully prepared by..
Sakae chefs using...
Luscious and thick slices of fresh airflown salmon..
Accompanied with a variety of,
Authentic Japanese ingredients,
Such as: Seasoned jellyfish,
Mekabu seaweed,
Japanese cucumber,
Sesame and more...

Success (2-3pax) RM29.98
Money (6-8pax) RM56.98

Add on Options:
Salmon Sashimi RM12.99
Chuka Hotate Rm6.99
Chuka Kurage RM6.99
Chuka Mekabu RM4.99

Toss of prosperity!~
Let's Lou Sang!~
The Japanese style!~

Happiness Treasures (6pax or more) RM98
Sumptuous combination of Sakae's signature Fortune Yee Sang (Money Set)
And delectable variety of Sake's all time favourite sushi selections:
Hana Maki, California Hoso Maki,
Salmon Sushi, Tamago Sushi,
Soft Shell Crab Maki, Kani Salad Inari,
Mini Ebi Tempura Sushi,
Kappa Maki & Kani Maki..

Golden Abundance RM49.90
Lavish platter consists of...
5 must-try golden offerings..
Soft Shell Crab, Mini Ebi Tempura,
Itoyoridai Katsu, Fried Hotate and fried Kani...
Served with spicy mayonnaise...

Salmon Cheese Roll RM16.99
My favourite!
Delectable rolls with salmon,
Crab-stick, Japanese omelette & Japanese cucumber,
Topped off with cheese and spicy mayo!~
Perfect combination!~

Dragon Roll RM15.99
Delectable maki creation of crisp golden tempura prawned,
Layered with fresh avocado slices and shrimp roe...

Salmon Kabuto Nabe RM19.99
Hearty Japanese-style hotpot,
With Succulent salmon head,
Assorted mushrooms and vegetables,
In flavoursome broth!~

Super yummy and refreshing soupy!~
I likey!~

Salmon Mentaiyaki RM18.99
Take a look at the shinny shinny appearance...
You can imagine how yummy it is~

Grilled Salmon with cod fish roe...

Grilled Mentaiyaki (2pcs) RM10.99
Succulent half shell scallops,
Grilled with cod fish roe..

Super huge scallop...
Taste so delicious!~
After grilled with cod fish roe...
Amazingly yummilicious!

Last but not least...
A perfect dessert..
To end our meal!~
Refreshing and cool,
Green tea ice cream...

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  1. nice food at Sakae Sushi! so yummy and affordable

  2. I even bought their yee sang home for my family reunion dinner :D super yummy

  3. I want to toss yee sang at Sakae Sushi too. All the food looks delicious.

  4. I love sakae sushi... ever since my cousin brought me there for a meal... it has always been my favorite Japanese chain restaurant...

  5. omg..very nice..everything looks super yummy. Dragon Roll always been my favourite this at sakae sushi!

  6. Long time I don't eat yee seng from Sakae Sushi. Now i like train sushi in the Sakae Sushi already! :D Many kids like to see it!

  7. I love Sakae Sushi yee sang and their food are quite delicious too.

  8. not bad at all. i wouldnt mind trying the grilled mentaiyaki.. looks delicious

  9. Among all the CNY dishes, I love the colorful Yee Sang, toss high high and huat ah :)

  10. hey! nice idea to enjoy lou sang in Japanese restaurant :) I wanna do once too before chap goh mei with my friends in a Japanese restaurant :) ha...ha...cheers, siennylovesdrawing