Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TC Boy

Received TC Boy Hamper...
With the best choice for tuna...

It contains recipe...
As well as a tin of mackerel,
Besides Tuna...

Tuna with Extra virgin olive oil...
Is equally nice as...
Tuna Solid in Spring water....

I didn't even know...
TC Boy got tuna with chilli padi...
Really spice up my cooking with it!~

The simplest way to eat it:
Just spread Sandwich delite tuna in Mayonnaise,
And start eating!~

It's really yummy!


  1. wow nice yummy tc boy recipe. like to try them all , tc boy tuna

  2. I have not bought this brand before. Is it nice? Will try it next round when i am making tuna sandwiches. :)

  3. It's been donkey years since I had TC Boy. I wonder if they still taste the same. I hardly touch canned food these days.

  4. I pun makan roti guna TC Boy. Sedap!

  5. I am so gonna pack these for my upcoming trip to Korea.. hahaha... it is expensive there and I am on a shoe string budget and this is a great meal with bread to eat....

  6. TC Boy.. i use this brand since
    2001. Memang awesome n nice...
    love d runa spread.. yummeah

  7. I like to make tuna sandwich for breakfast too.

  8. Yummy! Lucky u get many tuna tc-boy! I love to eat it always when I put it on my sandwich! :D

  9. I know the brand, but didn't realize they have these flavors, will check it out :)

  10. I love to eat tuna with my bread - simple and healthy.

  11. Never heard of this brand. Thanks for sharing ya.