Friday, May 27, 2016

Us Fries & Burger Fiesta - Choo Choo Chicken

One fries & burger session,
Is never enough..
I headed towards...
Choo Choo Chicken in Setapak...
For US Fries & Burger Fiesta...

Choo Choo Chicken,
Is very comfy and nice..
It's really suitable for gathering..
Especially for youngster,
That really likes k-pop...
Listening to nice songs,
While dining...
Is a really great experience..

Instead of the normal burger,
I'm having rice burger:
Choo Choo Bulgogi Burger...

Topping with seaweed,
The mixture with the rice,
A creamy sandwiched with bulgogi beef,
Mayonnaise and kimchi filling..
Served with salad..
And U.S Potato Wedges...

I knew potato paired very well,
With normal burgers..
But it actually extra unique,
When it's paired with rice burger..
Simply amazing!~

Choo Choo Cham Chi Burger..
I personally like...
The mixture of tuna with kimchi very much!
This is my personal preference burger:
A creamy seaweed rice,
Sandwiched with tuna,
Mayonnaise and kimchi filling..
Served with salad and U.S Potato Wedges..

Basically the only different,
Between the two burgers are:
Beef or tuna...
Just order according to your personal preference!~

Something extra,
Besides burger..
I tried their famous Korean fried chicken as well..
There are six flavours to be selected....
For the tasty Choo Choo Chicken:
Spicy, crispy, garlic, sweet, soy or honey soy...

I tried honey soy and spicy...

I think the spicy one is really delicious..
It's really finger licking good!~

For more information...
Kindly check out
Choo Choo Chicken's facebook page!

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