Friday, November 24, 2017


Karihome Goat Milk Formulas,
Are manufactured by the Dairy Goat Co-operative (N.Z.) Ltd
A farmer-owned co-operative in New Zealand,
Whose goat milk production,
Reaches 90% of the total output in New Zealand..

Goat milk...
Contains more medium chain fatty acids,
Which can be absorbed easily.

It contains higher level of alpha-S2,
And more beta-casein.
These features contribute to,
The formation of softer curds,
And can be broken down more easily,
During the digestion process.

It contains more Polyamines,
And natural nucleotides,
If compared to cow's milk...

Most of all..
It tastes yummy!

If you wanna request for sample,
Kindly call Karihome careline,
At +603-5569 5405,
During office hour,
At Monday-Friday, 9am till 5:30pm

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