Thursday, June 28, 2018

Domino's Ssamjeang Prawn Pizza

Domino Ssamjeong Prawn Pizza,
The 4th  variant added...
To the popular Ssamjeang Pizza range...

Featuring spingy, succulent prawns,
Marinated with Italian herbs & spices,
Coupled with nutritious seaweed,
That's rich with umami flavour,
Fresh cherry tomatoes,
Green Peppers,
Sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds,
Atop the specially developed Ssamjeang sauce,
The Ssamjeang pizza is packed,
With well-balanced flavors and textures...

The Ssamjeang Prawn,
Is available at all Domino's Pizza store,
Until 1 July 2018,
While stock last..

Visit Domino's stores,
Order online at
Or call 1300-888-333 to make an order.

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