Thursday, July 8, 2021

Massimo introduces Limited Edition Artisanal Seeded Multigrain with Barley Loaf

The Italian Baker Sdn. Bhd., 
Makers of Massimo breads and baked goods, 
Has created an artisanal multigrain loaf 
Enriched with a nutritious blend of premium Canadian barley, 
Flaxseed, chia seed, sunflower seed and black sesame, 
Which are packed with vitamins and minerals. 

Available for a limited time only, 
The Seeded Multigrain with Barley artisanal loaf from Massimo 
Offers a refined balance between its soft, 
Dense breads and deliciously crunchy grains.
While Massimo has a selection of great-tasting and healthy sandwich loaves 
That provides wholesome goodness such as Sandwich Loaf with Wheat Germ, 
100% Wholewheat LoafFine Wholemeal, 
The brand wanted to give consumers more bread options 
Including traditional artisanal loaves and more functional grains.
Chairman of The Italian Baker Sdn. Bhd., J
eremy Goon stated, 
"We are excited to introduce our first artisanal sandwich loaf 
That serves up a winning combination of our fine bread-making tradition 
And the unique taste and well-researched functional food benefits of barley."
Barley is a fiber-rich superfood 
That is high in antioxidant-rich tocotrienols 
And cholesterol-busting beta-glucans. 
Regular consumption of barley as part of a healthy diet
Has been shown to aid in boosting the immune system, 
Weight management, improving digestion and gut health, 
Lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease, 
And protecting against diabetes. 
Loaves made of barley have an ancient history in the Middle East 
Where it was revered as a staple food.
He added, 
"Bread consumption has increased among Malaysians, 
Who are mostly staying home to protect themselves 
And their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Embracing a nutritious diet is essential for us to continue staying healthy, 
Especially given our current circumstances where we are eating at home more often. 
Hence, our bakers, food scientists, nutritionists and research and development team 
Worked closely together to develop our first-ever artisanal multigrain loaf 
By carefully balancing between nutrition and taste."
The Massimo team collected and analyzed relevant consumer data 
And key learnings from the first Malaysian Movement Control Order (MCO 1.0) 
As well as from various Malaysian health statistics, 
Including the National Health and Morbidity (NHMS) 2019[1]. 
The Massimo Seeded Multigrain with Barley loaf was then developed 
To cultivate healthier eating habits 
While continuing to satiate the cravings and palate of Malaysians.
Since its introduction in 2011, 
Massimo has become a Malaysian staple, 
Providing wholesome goodness through a variety of bread baked 
Using quality ingredients under stringent quality assurance to delight consumers 
With its deliciously healthy taste, 
And to give them peace of mind with its tamper-evident packaging.

The artisanal Massimo Seeded Multigrain with Barley loaf (360g), 
Which is an ideal choice for sandwiches, toast or simply on its own, 
is available at most retailers at RM4.90. 
Available for a limited time only, 
Grab a slice of its golden goodness today.


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