Friday, September 17, 2021

Our experience with PROVITAL Immuna Plus

PROVITAL Immuna Plus,
Healthy glass of nutritious milk
To start our day with breakfast.
2 glasses a day for Triple Immunity Protection.
Triple Immunity Protection from yeast beta-glucan,
Selenium, and vitamin C.
It's so easy to prepare with great solubility in water..
The taste are so yummy, the flavour are so delicious...

Not all beta-glucans are the same. 
Yeast beta-glucan enhances the immune system 
By activating immune cells to destroy pathogens. 

9 out 10 adults on yeast beta-glucan reported 
Having no colds or sore throat symptoms after 12 weeks of consuming it. 
Me and my parents are one of them~~~
Hip hip Hurray!

PROVITAL Immuna Plus is the only brand contains this master ingredient. 
from enhancing immunity, 
It is also an all-in-one formula that contains high calcium and protein 
To support mobility and muscle strength.

Our immunity declines as we age, 
With up to 30% of our immune cells declining by the age of 75. 

Ageing does not mean that you are getting weaker. 
With PROVITAL Immuna Plus, 
Can activate immune system and confidently live your life to the fullest 
By continuing to be bold to do the things I want to do.

With strong immunity, age is just a number!

Have you ever wondered how strong is your immunity
Especially during these pandemic period?

Come and check out what is your immunity score

I have checked my immunity status, how about you?

Even after getting fully vaccinated,
Continuing to support your immune health is truly crucial....
Not a satisfactory immunity score?
Try the NEW nutritious milk PROVITAL Immuna Plus,
The brand with yeast beta-glucan
That supports immunity and may assist with symptoms of colds.
PROVITAL Immuna Plus contains yeast beta-glucan,
Selenium, and vitamin C which gives Triple Immunity Protection.
Even you had a satisfactory immunity score,
Provital can help to boost up immunity too!

Besides our own health,
It is truly important to ensure our parents are taking the right nutrition
To boost their immunity too.
Save the best for our love ones...


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