Friday, November 12, 2021

Zoey's Homemade Kid's Choice Combo


Take a look at this colourful kid's choice combo,
I'm sure it's not only irresistible by kids,
Even adults, 
Also can't resist the charm-ness of the food appearance!

No wonder it's all-time bestsellers for Zoey's homemade..
This combo, 
Consist of kids' favourite choices,
Especially my kiddos....

Homemade Chicken Nugget (500gm)
Marshmallow Bun (45-50pcs)
Handmade Unicorn Noodles (400gm)
Homemade Luncheon Meat (450gm)
Healthy Cartoon Fish Cake (300gm)
Carbonara Sauce (280gm)
Imported Potato Tots (500gm)

And it comes with one free cartoon bowl...

As a mummy,
I truly love it as the preparation is super duper easy...
And I feels so satisfied,
When I see my kids eat until the plate 'licin-licin'
Truly fingers' lickin' good foodie!~

See how magical and colourful unicorn noodles are...
Just boiled the noodles and reheat the carbonara sauce,
+ Put the nugget inside my air fryer....
My kids get to enjoy the best meal ever...
Most importantly,
It's super healthy!

The Magical Unicorn Noodles,
Is made from 100% organic unbleached wheat flour,
With fresh fruits and vegetables purees...
Besides attractive unicorn colours,
These noodles have smooth texture,
And can taste a light fruity aroma in every bite...
So yummy!
So tasty!

Dragon fruit puree - pink pinky
Pumpkin puree - orange-y
Purple sweet potatoes puree - purple-ish
Bluepea flower juice - greyish blue
Papaya Puree - orange-reddish..
That makes complete set of unicorn colours!

Super love the colourful combination of marshmallow bun...
It is made from pumpkin puree, purple sweet potato puree,
Pandan juice, blue pea flower juice,
Black sesame & red yeast rice,
Specially added extra virgin coconut oil,
And Australia fresh milk,
Which makes it most fragrant and healthiest mantou...

I like the size of the little bun..
Just nice to throw the whole bun into the mouth..
And enjoy chewing the bun in the mouth...

Healthy cartoon fish cake,
Is a perfect combination,
With the free cartoon bowl..

It is freshly made from fresh mackerel fish,
Fresh chicken breast added with various flavour,
From edamame, carrot and corn..
The colours are truly natural...
Indeed extraordinary fish cake!~

The potato tots are made from 100% imported real poatoes,
With no trans-fat and cholesterol-free....
Perfect snack for my kiddos...
Gobbling all of it in no time!~

Homemade Chicken Nugget,
100% fresh chicken breast and natural ingredients..

Simply yummilicious!

Homemade cheesy luncheon meat
Is freshly made from local farm pork,
And important cheese from Germany....
Healthiest and highest % of meat content...
The richness of chesse,
Perfectly blend in the luncheon meat..

The most magical part for this...
Homemade cheesy luncheon meat is..
Even little baby prince whom never ever willing to eat cheese,
Actually ate and said it's tasty!~

Feels like wanna buy this Kid's Choice Combo for your little ones?...

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