Friday, March 11, 2022

The Baker’s Cottage Introduces its Latest Value-for-Money Offering

The Baker’s Cottage Introduces..
Its Latest Value-for-Money Offerings,
Aims to ease the burden of pandemic-hit consumers,
With RM39.99 Combo Set and more...

 The new combo that includes:
1x Whole Roast Chicken, 
2x bowl of rice, 
4x Macau Egg Tarts, 
2x Sliced Cakes and
1x 1.5L Coke Bottle
Is priced at RM39.99 
And can serve up to 3-4 pax.

The Baker’s Cottage notable favourites 
Such as roasted chicken is currently 
Priced at RM14.99 per bird 
Which offers outstanding value, 
Quality and convenience for consumers...

Price of the whole bird which comes in BBQ 
And black pepper flavour, 
Is 53% cheaper compared to its closest competitor 
And 67% cheaper than key fried chicken chain in Malaysia. 

Since the chickens come directly from its poultry farm, 
Thanks to its parent company, 
Leong Hup International Berhad, 
The Baker's Cottage is able to serve
The most inexpensive roast chicken in town. 
With its farm-to-plate concept, 
It not only eliminate the additional cost 
But is able to ensure the chickens are fresh 
And of the highest quality.

Delicious chicken rice!

Yummy Macau egg tarts...

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