Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dragon-i @ Sunway Pyramid

Nice rice,
With chicken,
And Lap Cheong!~

Yummy fried mee..
This is my daughter's favourite..

 Xiao Long Pau..
A must order,
Everytime dine in Dragon-i...

Cutie Piggie Pau.....
It looks cute,
But the taste so-so only..

Plain mee soup!~
The mee is super yummy!
My sons favourite........
Both of them can eat it without any companion...
Just the mee and the soup...
Slurp until the bowl clean clean..............


  1. I always see people ordering the Piggie Pau. But I never tried before. Siu loong pao is nice :D

  2. Piggie pau looks cute, but taste so-so only.. Yes, siu loong pao is really nice..