Monday, April 15, 2013

Hot Dog Spaghetti

Browsing though facebook...
And found out this special way..
To cook hot dog with spaghetti!~

It's very easy to prepare:
Just poke the spaghetti into the hot dog..
And boiled until it's cooked....

Most importantly,
My kids love it!~



  1. Wah!U really did so. I saw few times in facebook and even my bf asked me to cook like this but until now I haven't. Find some day perhaps.

    In between, thank for drop by my blog - Travel & Living Journal of DT.

  2. Go try la.. it's really easy to cook.. hahaahha!~

  3. I saw this on FB too. I thought it was brilliant - will try it out one day ^.^

  4. U should.. easy and yummy! hahahah!

  5. Mila, yes, it is.. go ahead.. My kids love it!~