Friday, September 27, 2013

Taipei Walker

Never been to Taipei...
But no problem at all...
I can have Taiwan's foodie....
Right in Kuchai Lama's Taipei Walker...

Very fresh fish porridge....
I can even taste the sweetness of the fish,
By just drinking the porridge's soup....

Fried Oyster...
The special sauce,
Added extra delicious taste,
To the fried oyster!~

Sesame chicken mee-suah...
I don't really fancy mee-suah's taste,
But I can tell you:
This mee-suah,
Really taste extraordinary nice!~
Personally think that,
The sesame chicken's soup,
Is a bit too oily..

Fried woo-tip....
It tastes equally nice,
With or without,
Dipping into the vinegar + ginger!~

Warm dessert:
Yam Sai Mai Lou....
The sweetness is just nice for me...
Love the combination of the dessert!~

What a satisfying meal!~


  1. For an instant, I thought those were oysters in the fish soup! Nice!

  2. THANX for a reminder! Not eaten at Taiper Walker for a few years.

  3. Shirley, haha.. is it?

    Missy Missy, this is my first time here...