Monday, October 28, 2013

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant..
Located @Hulu Langat,
It's kind of nearby city,
But it's totally a different dining experience,
You could get in the city.....

At first,
I was wondering....
Was it the correct way?
It's kind of isolated up and down the hill.....
But when we reach there,
I'm kind of surprise of the crowd of people..
Although it's a weekday......

The environment is really superb! 
The fresh air is something we can't buy.....
Surrounded by vege farm and fish pond..
Plus listening to Thai song singing live!~
Is really a fantastic place to eat Thai's food!~

Huge variety of food..
For us to choose from...
Their Menu!~

Very fresh seafood!~

And very fresh vegetables!~
Guarantee us that,
We can eat yummy food here....

Starts up with some relaxing thai coconut to drink...
Simply refreshing!~

Very huge crab....
No doubt it's fresh..
But I personally think Seremban Xiu Hai taste yummier...
And it's kind of pricey..
I would definitely go to this restaurant again,
But I won't be ordering crab next time..

Steam ladies fingers!~~
Super duper yummy!~
Especially when it's served..
With crispy crunchy ikan bilis!~

Seafood Tom Yam!~
Thumbs up!~
But personally think it'd be better,
If they add in more variety of seafood to cook together!~

Our dessert of the day:
Mah Ti: Yummy!~
Mango Dessert: Too sour!~

It's totally perfect way,
To end our perfect dining experience!~

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