Monday, November 11, 2013

MasterChef Australia Season 5

As a mother of 3 kids,
Wifey to my hubby,
And daughter to my parents...
I always wanted to cook delicious dishes,
For all my love ones....

I would love to improve my cooking skills....
Because I always thinks that,
Seeing my loved one finish eating the meal I cooked,
Until licking their bowl or plate or even their fingers...
Would be the happiest moments in my life!~

That's the main reason,
I'm one of the super fans,
Showing every weekdays at 7pm and 11pm..
Only on Lifetime (Astro CH709)!~

Let me tell you more about MasterChef Australia...
Served from its brand new home in Australia's culinary capital of Melbourne,
A delicious new chapter in the life of the world's most loved cooking show....

I enjoyed watching every single episode....
And learning cooking skills,
From 22 contestants,
Whom fully equipped,
With skills, passion,
And a lot hard work~~~

For the first time in MasterChef Australia history,
The competition jumps straight into the Top22 stage,
With some of the best amateur cooks,
From across the country mixing it up
In a high-pressure test of know-how and nerve!
Introducing MasterChef Australia Season 5 Judges:
Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston....
The way they describe the taste of the food the contestants cooked,
I can really 'smell' the taste from CH709.......
Makes me want to try and eat it!~

MasterChef's veteran trio,
Will be joined by a host of cooking luminaries,
With guests such as Antonio Carluccio,
Stephanie Alexander, Curtis Stone,
Shannon Bennett, Maggie Beer...
And Guillaume Brahimi...
Pushing the contestants,
To elevate their game,
And hit food heights they never imagined...

A girls versus boys challenge,
At the iconic MCG kicks off a thrilling new year of challenges...
With a Barossa valley boot camp,
And Italian week among the thmed events on the table..
And in another show first,
This year's weekly MasterClass is filmed before a live audience,
Giving the public a first-hand insight into the culinary hadiwork..
Of returning judges, Gary, George and Matt....

From battle of the sexes,
To Invention Test...
I really enjoy watching the chefs' creative cooking!~

From Kid's week...
To Old School Rivalry...
They really take into consideration of...
Cooking for each and every individual of different age group!~

From Double Elimination,
To Identical Twins.....
I'm so impressed on how the professional the contestants are...
They can handle the pressure of being eliminated...
At the same time, working together in pairs with their 'competitors!~
With the twist of: 
They will not be able to see or taste their partner's dish!!!

Are you enjoying watch MasterChef Australia Season 5,
As much as I do?
Well, don't just only watch the show......
As you can have some interaction with the show!~
By simply log on to Lifetime Malaysia's Facebook page,
Who knows~~~~~
Your tips might be selected and shown on Lifetime!~

To add the crispiness of fried chicken, 

Dip it in the egg white before covered the chicken up with corn starch...

Start frying only when the wok's oil is really hot!   #MCATipOff

Simply can prepare 3 chicken dishes:
1. Fried Chicken

2. Add in some water + soy sauce + oyster sauce = Soy sauce chicken

3. Add in some water + tomato sauce + long bean + onion = Sweet and sour chicken... #MCATipOff

Does my cooking tips give you more inspiration and motivation,
To share your own version of cooking tips?
Don't forget to leave your comment 
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Don't miss out any single episode of MasterChef Australia...
Tune into Lifetime @ Astro CH709...
Every weekdays at 7pm and 11pm..


  1. Thank you!~ Need to learn more from you.. You can cook really a lot of superb meal!