Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Magnum - The Best of Belgian Indulgence

Magnum Presents:
The Best of Belgian Indulgence...
With Mr Shawn Tan,
Category Head (Ice-Cream)
Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings..
And Chef Steven Chin,
Group Executive Chef of Magnum Kuala Lumpur..

Butternut pumpkin soup,
Scent with cinnamon top,
With shaved bitter dark chocolate..

I'd said...
This is really a very uniquely nice combination...
Brand new experience for my taste bud!

Marinated capellini pasta,
With ulam-ulaman,
And served with crisp unagi beignet,
Salted choc emulsion,
Soy reduction and crisp ginger!~

The best appetizer I'd ever tasted!~

Pan seared butterfish fillet,
Served with sauteed baby spinach,
White chocolate 'Beurre blanc" sauce...

I thought having sweet main course,
Will be kind of weird..
But after I have my first sip of this dish...
I totally change my mind...

With the super duper freshness of the fillet,
It actually combines pretty well and blend in,
With the sweetness of white chocolate!~
Simply amazing!!!~~

The Dessert:
Death by Chocolate!~
What a name it have....

Baked to order warm chocolate molten lava cake,
Magnum chocolate brownies ice cream,
Chocolate crunch pearls!~
With half a strawberry!~

I can ensure you,
This is the best dessert I'd ever had!~
No words to describe how yummy it is!~

Magnum is really not just about ice cream...
And Belgiun chocolate is not just about chocolate!~

I'll always remember,
That remarkable pleasureable moments,
Beyond every bite of Magnum Ice Cream..

Thank you so much!~
For the wonderful fine dining experience!~