Thursday, November 12, 2015

1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice

1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice...
Located in Jalan Gasing, PJ...
Is more than just a chicken rice shop!~
I can't help to give many thumb ups..
To many of their signature dishes!~

Signature Steamed Kampung Chicken
Whole bird (RM68), Half Bird (RM38)
Small (RM8), Regular (RM18) Large (RM28)

Ta Da!
The main dish in 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice..
The chicken is really smooth,
And easy to chew!~

The soy sauce used,
Only available in 1977..
Uniquely made~~~

You won't be able to taste,
The same steamed chicken,
Other where else...

The best accompaniment.. 
Garlic Ginger paste...
And Chili Sauce...

May choose to eat it with...
The aromatic rice...

Or tempting dry mee...

Signature Ipoh Bean Sprout (RM15)
Must try!~
With the topping of
Cuttle fish and enoki mushroom...
It's extremely delicious...
First time trying it out..
In this combination...

Ipoh Bean Sprout (Regular RM8 / Large RM12)
Transported from Ipoh daily!~

Honey BBQ Pork (RM12)
Char Siew is really yummy..
Probably because they are using..
Charcoal to roast it!~
Added fragrant and taste extra yummy!~

Roasted Pork (RM12)
The crispiness of the skin,
Is really outstanding!~

Buttermilk Fried Fish Fillet (RM18)
The sauce are extremely aromatic!~
Personally highly recommended...

Signature Fried Roasted Pork (RM15)
Slightly different from just roasted pork,
After fried it out...
It's another kind of yumminess!~

Homestyle Steamed Tilapia (RM28-RM38)
Freshly caught from aquarium...
The home sauce is the uniqueness of this dish..
A little spicy but truly appetizing!

Stone Pot Stir Fried Lala With Superior Soup (RM18)
The gravy is truly very unique...
Unable to determine what ingredient used,
To make the gravy....
And they just told us...
It's the wonder of tauchu sauce, 
Plus soup from steamed chicken!~

Curry Pork Skin (RM6)
The freshness in the santan..
That makes the curry taste,
Extra stand out!~
I'm loving it!!

Fish ball (RM1.80 per pc)
I'd call this extra large fish ball..
In XL size!~
Very QQ!!~

Pork Ball (RM1.30 per pc)
Same XL Size with their fish ball..
Very yummy!~

Drinking chinese tea,
Accompanying all the delicious food...

1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice Restaurant 
107 Jalan Gasing,
46000 Petaling Jaya.


  1. Great blog, keep up the great work :)

  2. oh i love the fat and juicy bean sprout!! :D this shop has been very famous since very long ago eh

  3. yeah like to dine here alot as near to kwsp.
    but rice not nice to eat already, my dear complains lot of it. :(

  4. Ah! Ipoh chicken rice in PJ! Now I know where to get my chicken rice fix when I am in PJ, and not in Ipoh!

  5. Great as I can eat my Ipoh chicken rice at PJ which is nearer to me now. Food looks delicious too.

  6. Kampung chicken nasi ayam...
    Dekat Area rumah I ada kedai masak ayam kampung ! Ayam kampung lebih enak dari ayam yang dijaga dalam rumah sebab kaki dorang panjang panjang hee

  7. The steamed chicken looks yummy! and I will definitely have many refills for the chilli sauce and garlic ginger paste. hehe.

  8. Ah.... mouth watering! The chicken looks delicious!

  9. Visited this restaurant before. Love their chicken rice and Ipoh bean sprout! Gonna visit this restaurant again. :)

  10. I always admire their white chicken as it tasty and meat is juicy. I want go and eat later. hehe

  11. Chicken Rice!!! They have been very consistent and I'm always happy to be return customer.

  12. It's been awhile didnt pay a visit to this restaurant. This is my parent's favorite restaurant. :D

  13. I want the Stone Pot Stir Fried Lala With Superior Soup its so tempting.

  14. Steamed chicken.... I want that steamed chicken with aromatic rice and lots of soya sauce....

  15. The restaurant at the Corner is much better if you're talking about that row of shops. The Ipoh Chicken Rice restaurant has gone commercialized already in that sense. Of course, they are open at night as well while the corner shop stops selling chicken rice by 3.

  16. I love love chicken rice! Its been a while since i eat it gonna try this when I am at that area! Yummy chicken they have! hehe

  17. Chicken rice is looking yummy though i am not a big fan of seafood but seafood is looking nice.

  18. that's a lot of different dishes they serve, not only chicken rice that i thought at the beginning.

  19. The foods look delicious, especially the Roasted Pork and Honey BBQ Pork, my favourite :)

  20. seem delicious . wanna order too.

  21. I'm there too! Not sure if you know me, I'm the one who loves to kacau a couple's kids there XD
    Btw, I love their chicken rice. Being introduce this shop to my fellow colleagues :)

  22. argh i missed this.. miss those char siew and siew yok! ... will be going there soon as I've heard so much good things about the meat they serve