Friday, July 30, 2010

Orange Pumpkin

Mummy been introducing me with Colours and Shape,
Using my block toy,
And also my ladybird book...
Now she even prepare porridge with different colours...
Here it is,
My first orange pumpkin porridge!~
Let's start with how mummy introduce this new food to me!~

Actually, mummy wants to cook pumpkin for me since long ago~~~~~
Finally, daddy bought a big pumpkin back!~

At first, mummy boiled the pumpkin and smash it!~
Mummy asking if I can accept the taste or not,
Since this is my first try!~
And I show her a weird weird look!~
As I really thinks the pumpkin taste weird.

Later on, mummy boiled potato and add in to my pumpkin...
Smash potato-pumpkin...
Well, it actually taste ok...

Since I gave green light to mummy to cook pumpkin,
She prepare it in my porridge for me!~
My potato-pumpkin porridge!~
After mummy taste it,
She said still lack of something!~
She added in some meat!~
And this time,
The porridge actually did taste real yummy!~
I finish whole pot of porridge!~

The whole pumpkin is real huge!~
I actually cannot finish it all...
What to do with the remaining pumpkin?
Mummy fried it with ikan bilis and make it as their meal!~

They have it with this... vegetables...

And also, black pepper chicken!~

They eat so many dishes!~
And I only allow to eat porridge!~
Since pumpkin porridge taste quite nice,
Never mind then...
Mummy, please cook more new food for me next time...

Originated from 'Little Prince'

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