Friday, July 30, 2010


Mummy prepared pasta for me, as promised!
Since this is my first pasta meal,
Mummy choose Angel Hair as she thinks the texture is softer and looks easier to digest~~~~~~

In order to prepare a balanced diet for me,
Mummy actually cut some papaya as a starter~~~
She boiled angel hair for around 20 minutes,
While boiling, she fries fish for me...
Wouldn't it be too oily to fry?
After frying,
Mummy boil the fish few seconds in the water...
Still crispy, but not oily...
Together with green vegetables...
And mix it together and cut the pasta
And also smash it into tiny pieces before feeding me!~

While eating,
I found that it's little bit dry...
Mummy didn't add any sauce or seasonings...
She said she wants me to taste the original taste of pasta~~~
Well, She later on actually add in some milk,
Refering to other's mummies advice while she's preparing smash potato...
Now, it taste better, not so dry and with added milk taste!~

I actually enjoyed chewing pasta!~
Rather than eating porridge everyday,
This is something different!~

Mummy said since this is the first time eating pasta,
She dunno if my digestion fit for digesting pasta or not,
So, didn't let me finish off the whole plate...
Mummy said she'll prepare macaroni for me next time~~~
Ok then,
I'll wait and see how's her macaroni taste like...

Originated from 'Little Prince'

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