Friday, July 30, 2010

Purple Sweet Potato?!

Weekend is always my happy day!~
Where daddy and mummy will stay with me 24 hours,
Where daddy will bring us for outings,
Where mummy will have lots of time to cook me new food to try!~

Since mummy said she gonna cook colourful porridge...
I'll see what she'll comes up with next!~
Kind of looking forward... hmm...

Grandma said her neighbour's grandson love sweet potato porridge so much!~
So, mummy decided to cook me sweet potato porridge...
Grandpa bought this sweet potato for mummy to cook for me~~~
When mummy cut it!~ Uh huh? Why it's purple in colour?
In mummy's mind, sweet potato is orangey orangey one wor...
Grandpa said, purple sweet potato taste nicer...
Ok, let see how it taste, then...

Mummy cut the purple sweet potato into tiny tiny pieces,
And cook it with my plain porridge.
This time, mummy didn't add anything else...
Onli purely purple sweet potato...
The porridge turn out to be real purple!~

Wanna know how it taste like?
I actually finish the whole pot of porridge, again!~
What a satisfying meal...
Mummy, cook more nice nice food~~~
I want to eat!~

Originated From 'Little Prince'

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