Monday, September 27, 2010

~Biscuit Yummy~

Daddy bought me a variety of biscuits for me to try...
With different flavours~~~

I enjoyed eating it!~
But somehow,
I always like to put the whole big big biscuit into my small small mouth~~~
Mummy said I cannot swallow the whole biscuit like that~~~
But I like the feeling of putting big biscuit and make my mouth full wor...

I love Nestle rusk & Milna biscuit...
But somehow,
I cannot always eat the same type of biscuits...
I will feels boring...
Need some changes...

Until then,
Daddy bought me Heinz teething biscuit~~~
It's so so so so so hard~~~~~~
Mummy said even her teeth gonna break trying to chew it!~ ha!~

Ok then, try Gerber finger food... Yummy yummy~~~
Daddy bought this few weeks ago... cheese flavour!~
Mummy said it's 1-3 years old...
Finally... I'm 1 year old big big boy d...
I can eat it now!~

Wait till I try I'll let you all know how it taste like!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

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