Monday, September 27, 2010

Alphabet Pasta

Mummy's been looking for
This alphabet pasta
For such a long time...

She found it in Tesco Cheras!~
She bought it together with the 3 sauces:
Pumpkin sauce, white sauce and primavera sauce...

First attempt:
She cook it with primavera sauce!~
It taste little bit like tomato,
But I don't quite like it...
I like cherry tomato,
Not primavera sauce...

Mummy added a little bit of finely chopped beans,
Into my ABC pasta...

Later on,
Mummy give me the remaining pasta,
Without sauce,
I just love the plain pasta...
Ok, never mind then..
Mummy bought 3 sauces...
I can still try the other 2...

Second attempt:
ABC pasta with pumpkin sauce!
It taste really yucky!~
I like mum-cook-pumpkin-porridge very much!~
But mummy,
Not this funny taste pumpkin sauce...
End up,
I also had my plain alphabet pasta!~
And having fun with the ABC shapes...

Mummy haven't cooked the white sauce for me,
I don't know if I can accept the sauce taste,
After 2 attempts of trying....
Even if I don't like it...
At least,
I still can enjoy my plain pasta...
And learning with the alphabet pasta!~

Originated from 'Little Prince'

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